I joined ADI in my senior year to help spread tech awareness to more of the Columbia community.

Here are a few of the main initiatives I supported:


During my time with ADI, I helped run DevFest 2019 with Vivian Shen, Lesley Cordero, and Melanie Sawyer, which saw 1,200+ Columbians register to learn how they can use various technologies and frameworks to improve the world around them.

Professor Lunch & Learns

One of my biggest regrets during my early years at Columbia was not visiting most Professor office hours. Seeing this challenge, I coordinated several lunch and learns where students would meet professors in groups of 10 people, creating an environment that felt intimate yet safe enough for all to be able to speak up and ask questions.

Tech Treks

As a Computer Science major, I love the transformative power technology can have in our lives. However, I think it is important to think of tech outside of just programming. To that end, I ran several organized trips to discover how people in a variety of fields are using tech to innovate, delight, and improve their communities. Students who attended had the opportunity to do everything from learn the tech work that goes into Disney Theatrical works to even going backstage at The Play That Goes Wrong.

ADI Labs

Along with Lesley Cordero, we helped restart ADI Labs, a program where students build projects meant to help the Columbia community. I helped start and migrate two projects that became part of the program, LionBot and Coffee@CU.

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