The Columbia Lion


I had the opportunity to serve as Editor in Chief of The Columbia Lion (The Lion) from 2015 - 2016. During my time, we focused the publication on fostering diverse discourse within the Columbia community through all mediums.

As part of this, I oversaw multiple initiatives:


To support the publication’s mission to increase discourse in the community, I increased reader engagement by growing brand reach from a few hundred monthly active readers to several thousand readers and commenters.

Lion Guides

Navigating college can be tough. Our team wrote a series of guides on everything from getting cheaper textbooks to navigating studying to help make life for students a little bit easier.

Tech Team

I helped launch and kickstart a new tech organization within the group dedicated to creating new digital experiences for the community. This lead to the launch of LionBot and the relaunch of Coffee@CU.

Off Campus Reviews

As our publication talked with readers, we discovered many were interested in things they could do to escape “the bubble” (a Columbia phrase referring to people often never leaving campus). To help with this, we created a section focused on our team going out to review everything from cool new restaurants to even Broadway shows.

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